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Top Reasons to Professionally Clean Your Spokane, Washington Bins

Trash bins constantly contain contaminated waste products like rotten food, food scraps, discarded food containers, tissues, used paper towels, and more. Spokane, Washington is not immune to this situation. And to think that these are simply the items we ourselves actually put into our bins. Let’s not forget that our garbage bins then become filled with germs, bacteria, rodents, insects, and other vermin. These sort of creatures thrive in this dirty, germ-filled environment — an environment that could potentially make you or your family sick. Besides the obvious risks, you can’t overlook the smells or unsightly appearance of those dirty trash bins. In case it’s not already clear why, here are the top reasons why you should have your trash bins cleaned on a regular basis.

The Unightly Appearance Of Dirty Trash Bins

We spend a significant amount of time and money on our home for things like the lawn, roof, siding, landscaping, etc. Why would you then overlook something like dirty trash bins? Any of these items can increase the curb appeal of your living space — your trash bins included. It simply makes sense that you’d want to keep something like trash bins looking presentable. Not to mention, when your garbage bins look and smell clean, you won’t be hesitant to move them back and forth on trash days.

Germ + Bacteria Elimination Inside of Your Garbage Bins

Believe it or not, your waste bins are an absolute breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bacteria. Things like Salmonella, Listeria, and E-Coli are a few of the many disgusting and dangerous issues you can face when handling waste and recycling bins. Sanitizing your trash bins regularly can kill these sort of germs. This cleaning process helps to protect you and your family against disease and sickness.

Clean Trash Bins are a Wildlife Deterrent

Animals are quickly and easily attracted to any food scraps left inside or your trash bins. Rodents, raccoons, bears, opossums, or other wildlife will rummage through your bins leaving an even bigger mess than you bargained for. When your garbage bins are cleaned regularly, you’ll greatly reduce the possibility of attracting any sort of wildlife onto your property.

Maggot and Fly Elimination From Within Your Garbage Bins

Flies are attracted to all sorts of trash, but even more so in warmer weather months. Even worse, these same flies will breed in your dirty Spokane garbage bins. The result will be trash bins filled with disgusting maggots. Left unchecked, these maggots will quickly hatch into even more flies. Left untreated, the problem will continue to grow creating a situation where you won’t want to take out your trash to avoid going near these nasty bins.

Odor Elimination From Your Spokane, Washington Trash Bins

The trash we place inside of our bins naturally creates an offensive odor. This is the reason we take the trash out. The rotting food, used paper towels, wipes, and diapers, are a few of the many items we might throw out each and everyday. Why is it a wonder that our waste bins smell the way they do? This odor will intensify as your trash sits waiting to be picked up by your local service — especially in warmer weather. When your trash bins aren’t cleaned regularly, this offensive smell remains and gets worse as it becomes layered with more and more odor each week.

Cleaning your Spokane, Washington trash bins is important to the safety of you and your family. If done properly, this cleaning and sanitizing process can eliminate any health and cosmetic issues. If you live in the City of Spokane, Washington, call 509.596.0044 or schedule your Spokane, Washington trash bin cleaning services online today.